The Dave Family – a Photo Timeline

Why do we love to take family photos?  Because they capture and preserve a moment in time.  And time as they say, flies.

We’re excited to introduce you to the Dave family – Jasmin, Dwijal, Paisli, and Priam.  The first time we took their photos four years ago, Paisli was only one year old and did not yet have a little brother.   Fast forward to our session this year, we could hardly keep up with Paisli and her brother Priam, as they darted around.

As photographers, being able to see families grow and transform over time is very special.  Through the past four years, we’ve seen the kids go from infants to walking-talking little adults.  But transformation is the most vivid when viewed through the photographs side-by-side.  Helping parents capture the fleeting childhood of their kids…that’s photography.

Now without further ado, we present a photo-timeline of the Dave family.

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