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Molly – One Happy Baby!

We recently had the pleasure of photographing one of the happiest babies in the world – 7 months old Molly!  She laughed and giggled through our entire session as you can see from the photos!  Congratulations to Julie & Rachel on their adorable daughter!

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Baby Ann

We had a great time photographing Anoushka and her larger-than-life baby cheeks!  Check out that mug shot..so adorable and only 0.3 years old!  She is taking San Francisco by storm.

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Baby Emily – A World of Wonder

Baby Emily, only a few weeks old, looking out into a new world filled with wonder.  With a pink ribbon in her hair she is discovering amazement all around her.  Welcome to the world!

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Paisli – Year 1.5

A happy little princess that is NOT afraid of the camera!

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Isa & Alina

Two adorable, bubbly peas in a pod.

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