Kai, Kazuki, Yuri, and Richard

Our photo session was literally a walk in the park =).  We had a great time working with Kazuki, big brother Kai, and mom and dad.  Baby Kazuki loves to smile and Kai is a bundle of energy.  Enjoy!

Katie and Ray – Engagement by the Bay

FUN.  That’s the single best word to describe our engagement session with Katie and Ray.  The Canadian couple was visiting San Francisco over the holidays and hired us to do a memorable E-session for them.  We worked with them to design a schedule that included some of the most iconic locations in San Francisco.

Katie and Ray were great as clients.  They were goofy, creative, and open to trying different kinds of shots with us.  Their only requirement was to have memorable photos so we got our creative juices flowing.  Here are some highlights from our session.  Congratulations Katie and Ray!

The Dave Family – a Photo Timeline

Why do we love to take family photos?  Because they capture and preserve a moment in time.  And time as they say, flies.

We’re excited to introduce you to the Dave family – Jasmin, Dwijal, Paisli, and Priam.  The first time we took their photos four years ago, Paisli was only one year old and did not yet have a little brother.   Fast forward to our session this year, we could hardly keep up with Paisli and her brother Priam, as they darted around.

As photographers, being able to see families grow and transform over time is very special.  Through the past four years, we’ve seen the kids go from infants to walking-talking little adults.  But transformation is the most vivid when viewed through the photographs side-by-side.  Helping parents capture the fleeting childhood of their kids…that’s photography.

Now without further ado, we present a photo-timeline of the Dave family.

James and Chung – A Sunset Proposal

James and Chung used to both live in San Francisco.  But after Chung moved to Oregon, the couple found a way to take turns traveling on weekends to see each other.  James decided that he would ask Chung for her hand in marriage while she was on a recent return visit to San Francisco.  He hired us to capture the moment.

It turned out to be the perfect day and the perfect place for a proposal.  The sun had just started to set over a warm Indian summer day in San Francisco when James walked Chung to the overlook at Sutro Heights Park.  He got down on one knee and the rest, as they say, is history.  Congratulations James and Chung!


Tadiar Family +1

Tanya and Eric hired us to photograph their daughter’s 1st birthday last year.  We had a lot of fun so we were excited when Tanya contacted us this year about a maternity session.  We always enjoy reconnecting with previous clients and it would give us a chance to see how much Danielle has grown.  And grow she did.  She’s now a big bundle of non-stop energy.  Danielle is going to make an awesome big sister.  It was a wonderful working with Tanya, Eric, and Danielle again.  We look forward to meeting their +1 soon.

L i k e s   &   R a v e s