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Istanbul, the city at the intersection of worlds. The crossroads of cultures. The junction of continents. Such history, such beauty. It’s difficult to find words that adequately describe the city.  Hopefully, these photos can do it some justice.  Enjoy.    

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Katie and Ray – Engagement by the Bay

FUN.  That’s the single best word to describe our engagement session with Katie and Ray.  The Canadian couple was visiting San Francisco over the holidays and hired us to do a memorable E-session for them.  We worked with them to design a schedule that included some of the most iconic locations in San Francisco. Katie […]

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Paris – A Few Perfect Days

The City of Light, always so lovely in the Spring.  Especially when you catch the summer solstice and the city comes alive with music.  La “Fête de la Musique” or World Music Day is an annual music festival that marks the beginning of summer.  Bars, restaurants, and museums all across the city will offer free shows.  A […]

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Travel – Rome & Florence Italy

We had the pleasure of visiting Italy (Rome & Florence) for the first time this summer.  They are both beautiful cities in their own way.  Rome has so many iconic landmarks and it definitely felt more crowded and touristy.  Florence is a smaller city with amazing art.  We enjoyed our week exploring, eating great Italian […]

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Japantown SF Tilt-shifted

We recently bought the Canon 45mm tilt-shift lens.  Tilt-shift lenses allow creative changes to the focal plane which can result in some very interesting effects.  Here are some shots of Japantown San Francisco through a tilt-shift lens.

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