Ethan F. Cheng 0-6 Mos

We were away from photography for a good part of this year and we had a very good reason. This guy!

Ethan was born May 17, 2016 at 12:30am. 7 1/2 lbs. First time parenting has been an amazing experience so far. We are grateful because he sleeps well, eats really well, and is generally a happy baby.

  • Current weight: 23 lbs
  • Current height: 29 inches
  • Likes: breast milk, oatmeal, avocado, chewing on books, pooping in the toilet, being picked up, long walks in the stroller
  • Dislikes: tight pajamas, wet diapers, formula

We’ll post another Ethan update soon. In the mean time enjoy these shots and Happy Holidays!


Devin & Scott – Married

We haven’t done many shoots this year because we’ve been busy being first time parents! But it was a great pleasure to capture the marriage of Devin and Scott at the beautiful San Francisco City Hall.  It was a day filled with love. Over the course of the session, we witnessed the love they had for each other, the love of their family, and the love of their friends. It was ultimately cathartic because I was still reeling from the November election, trying to understand how a platform of hate was chosen to lead this country.  These photos, the moments that we captured gave us hope. We see that love is stronger than hate.

And at the end of the day, Love is Love. That is all that should matter.


Istanbul, the city at the intersection of worlds. The crossroads of cultures. The junction of continents. Such history, such beauty. It’s difficult to find words that adequately describe the city.  Hopefully, these photos can do it some justice.  Enjoy.


Traci and John – Proposal

John planned to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Traci, on their recent trip to San Francisco.  He put so much thought and heart into this perfect proposal, he was trembling as he popped the question.  Everything went off without a hitch and the couple celebrated their engagement with Champagne and the beautiful San Francisco sunset.

Planner: The Heart Bandits

Venue: Loews Regency Hotel – San Francisco

A Perfect Sunset Proposal

Humberto moved from Mexico to San Francisco for work.  His sweetheart, Gabby, still lives in Mexico so they’ve been doing a long-distance relationship.  Recently, Gabby came to visit him and Humberto knew it was the perfect time to take the next step.  He planned the perfect proposal: on the sky deck of the Loews Regency Hotel, overlooking the bay at sunset, with roses and Champagne for two.  As he took her up to look at the view, he popped the question.  Gabby was overcame with emotion as he got down on his knee.  She said YES and the couple celebrated the beginning of their new life together watching the beautiful San Francisco sunset.  Congratulations to Humberto and Gabby!

Planner: The Heart Bandits

Venue: Loews Regency Hotel – San Francisco

L i k e s   &   R a v e s